Hi, I’m Derek!

Nothing has ever been more important to me than the power of two people connecting deeply, and the emotional safety such relationships bring.


Hello, Derek Hart here. We all crave deep, real, close intimacy, and yet it’s often not available to us because of the relationships we witnessed early in life. There is virtually no training available on how to develop healthy relationships with the wonder and joy that these relationships bring.


I’ve been consumed with helping people relate better for 26 years. I believe I bring a refreshing and much needed perspective on what brings two people closer to each other.


I have journeyed the same experience I describe here for you. I know the excruciating emotional pain that occurs in a dysfunctional relationship, and I have ventured in, through, and back out the other side of this experience. The richness of how I relate to others is what I now offer you.


Through the years of honing my skills and my own deep inner work, I have come to some great conclusions about the experience of the couple. The knowledge and wisdom of my teachers, combined with the courage and vulnerability of my couples, has given me a unique perspective on how to rapidly move a couple through their distress  back to connection.


It’s not enough to only care for yourself, or only try to be there for your partner. Both experiences need to be made available, simultaneously, for a relationship to thrive. Without the back and forth honesty of two people, one partner will build resentment and the relationship falls apart.


My life purpose is to help you prevent this from happening.


As a Couple’s Relationship Builder, I will empower you with the tools to interrupt these patterns.


I give couples the key to connection — helping them listen to and care for the OTHER’S hurt. With this key, you will have a permanent tool, for every relationship, romantic or otherwise, throughout your life.


I give couples the key to connection — helping them listen to and care for the OTHER’S hurt.