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Mobile: 415-444-6743

Northern California, U.S.A.


Availability: As an international coach, Derek is available during most time zones with advance notice. During Pacific Standard Time hours, Derek has flexibility as a last-minute guest if cancellations happen for your show.

Healing The Hurt No Shadow

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Interviewer Questions

COUPLES QUESTIONS:580b57fbd9996e24bc43bfdc

1) What is the #1 problem couples have?

2) Why is vulnerability the most effective communication technique?

3) How do you teach a couple to listen when they’re equally frustrated?

4) How does a couple determine they’re not right for each other?

5) Is there a predictable pattern that couples fall into when they argue?

DATING QUESTIONS:580b57fbd9996e24bc43bfdc

1) What is the #1 problem women have when they begin dating?

2) What do women do to quickly push men away in early dating?

3) Can you help women with their expectations during early dating?

4) What should women be looking for when they first meet a man?

5) How can a woman determine if a man has emotional intelligence?

Derek Hart Bio

Derek Hart began his healing journey in 1990. As he contemplated his own family system, he began giving his knowledge away to others. Through his mother’s struggle with addiction, and ultimately her suicide, Derek created a life dedicated to helping others with their relationships.

Derek states, “At the end of a life, people don’t wish they had spent more time working hard, earning more money, or collecting more possessions. They wish they risked showing themselves fully to at least one person.”

Derek’s lifelong purpose is to bring emotional intelligence to relationships. He guides couples and individuals out of relationship confusion, into connection and clarity. Derek takes a couple from distress, to functioning again, and then from a mediocre connection to profound love. He sees directly into a couple’s disconnect, gets right to the heart of the matter, and gently focuses them into the most powerful relationship solution of all, and that is vulnerability.

Emotional intelligence can be taught, and can be learned with the proper guidance. Derek does not teach people to lean forward with aggressive radical honesty. He teaches them to lean backward into vulnerability. This approach is clear, direct, and useful. Relationships that would have otherwise fallen apart can mend and heal.

While you might find Derek playing piano, relaxing at his favorite Hot Springs, or preparing one of his favorite Vegan meals (his other passion), you’ll usually find him listening to and helping people recognize how much power they have to create the relationships they desire.

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