Love And Hart

Heidi & Derek

As international relationship coaches, Heidi & Derek model intimacy and vulnerability to help couples heal. Their credibility, unparalleled chemistry, love and care for each other, and their willingness to risk revealing themselves is key… in regularly helping save marriages from divorce.

With 55 years combined experience, they know the path to bring couples straight through their relationship distress, back to connection.

Please review our sample introduction to our show Love And Hart. We’re fun, edgy and entertaining, and using an easily digestible format, we will convey the much-needed skills for couples to thrive in their relationships.

Contact Information

Healing The Hurt No Shadow

Mobile: 415-444-6743

Northern California, U.S.A.

Heidi & Derek, Founders:UnderstandEachOther.com_black_500x66

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Interviewer Questions

COUPLES QUESTIONS:580b57fbd9996e24bc43bfdc

1) What is the #1 problem couples have?

2) Why is vulnerability the most effective communication technique?

3) How do you teach a couple to listen when they’re equally frustrated?

4) How does a couple determine they’re not right for each other?

5) Is there a predictable pattern that couples fall into when they argue?

DATING QUESTIONS:580b57fbd9996e24bc43bfdc

1) What is the #1 mistake people make when dating?

2) What do women do to quickly push men away in early dating?

3) How long should you wait before you have physical intimacy?

4) What information should you find out in early dating?

5) Why do you want to get into your first argument?