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17 Dec How Does A Couple Resolve Conflict?

Please be aware there is some very intense anger in this video one minute in. There is a predictable set of things that are now understood about why a couple disconnects, and how to solve it. How much time will you spend over the course of...

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17 Dec Why Are You So Controlling?

With your beloved, romantic partner, why are you so controlling? Let's dig a little deeper into the negative patterns between you and your romantic partner. I'm going to describe some of the deeper reasons that these patterns stay in place, because it's important for you to...

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17 Dec How Did Your Arguing First Begin?

In your romantic relationship, how did your arguing first begin? Okay let's discuss the negative pattern that happens between you and your partner. The negative pattern is the whole set of bad habits that you both do together when you interact with each other. It's the...

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