Attachment Expert Derek Hart’s Courses

The Relationship Lab Sessions

View previous Relationship Lab sessions.

Attachment University Sessions

View previous Attachment University sessions.


The Gaslighting Series

How to recognize manipulative and emotionally abusive people.


Marriage 2.0

Relationships fall apart by repeating patterns over and over. Learn how to reconnect.


The Self Love Course

The plan to be adored deeper than you ever have before. It starts from within.


Relationship Mastery

Bring him closer, nourish freedom and appreciation, he will give you everything.


The Listening Course

Derek teaches how to replace defensiveness and criticism with vulnerability.


The Communication Course

Witness real couples as they move from distress back to connection.


Understand Male Sexuality

Unmask the truth of male sexuality. Understand men.


How To Text Guys And Not Waste Your Time

When to continue with him, and when to walk away.