Bring Out the Man Within


Tell a woman you love her, even when you don’t feel loving.

Tell a woman she is beautiful. She may not have built in confidence and is likely more vulnerable in this arena than you think. Your appreciation of her has major impact.

Men, you can look in the mirror and think you’re hot stuff. Women don’t have this the same way. They have a built in humility here that has them think about every flaw instead of every perfection. They don’t know they’re beautiful until they’re told. And then 24 hours passes. Repeat.

Tell a woman her body is beautiful. Tell her your favorite parts. And then the parts you didn’t name; tell her you were saving the best for last. It’s hard to do. It’s uncomfortable. It’s supposed to be, as it’s vulnerable and unusual. Don’t just take the parts you want. Tell her.

When making love, focus on every inch of her body, and put your libido on mute. What it wants will often only pleasure you, and not her. Your single spot of focus is equivalent to her whole body.

Wait as long as you can to bring your libido center stage. If you can slow this down, the rewards are worth it.

Tell a woman that you need her. Tell a woman that you want her opinion, and value her opinion. You can tell her if you disagree. Try to do it tomorrow if you want to be loved well tonight.

No matter how strong she is, or acts, you have the most vulnerable, delicate being right in front of you. The level to which your words affect her is bigger than you think.

No matter how much your point needs to be heard, open the door for her and pull out her chair; or the equivalent, understand her before you try to be understood.

When you’re in the struggle of wanting to be equals, and thinking that men and women are the same, they, we, are not the same.

A man needs a woman to mature him. Women have something built in that men don’t. I will not put words to it here, because the words will be inadequate, because I am a man.

Suffice to say, if you decide to have the willingness to give these things to your woman, you will receive back a look of respect from her.

And at that moment you will gain insight as to what it means to move from boy to man.


~ Derek Hart ~