“I wanted relationship advice. What I got was a lifelong learning about how to replace defensiveness with listening, and why my husband goes out of his way now to love me up. I now understand what he needs.” – Sarah Parker

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All Couples Can Rebuild Trust

Codependency Solved, We Woke Up

We’re Closer Than We’ve Ever Been

Healing Led To Marriage

How A Teenager Healed

On Again Off Again To Commitment

We Were At Our Wits’ End

When We First Met Sex

Learn This Before Calling It Quits

His non-judgmental guidance has helped me have a long term marriage I never thought possible.

- Melanie & Noah

It's the first time a man has seen inside my relationship and has heard what I’ve been trying to say for years.

- Katie & Michael

These profound tools have created a closeness and intimacy that we have never experienced.

- Dee & Ozzie

How Women Protect Themselves When Falling In Love

He Can’t Get Enough Of Me

I Find The Right Words Now

Witness A High Quality Woman

Now I Can Be Vulnerable

OMG Men Like This Exist!

You Suck At Kissing!

I’m signing up to prevent a suicide See More

Healing Families


No Psychobabble

I’m One Of His Biggest Fans

“At the end of a life, people don’t wish they had spent more time working hard, earning more money, or collecting more possessions. They wish they risked showing themselves fully to at least one person.”

~ Derek Hart

“Derek guided me from my first date through the relationship commitment I’ve always wanted. He helped me unlearn my self-sabotaging behaviors, and how to recognize, choose, and keep the love of my life.” – Olivia P.

Women: Attract and Recognize Emotionally Available Men

Men: Mature To Choose A High-Quality Woman

She prevented predictable heartbreak See More

Recognize monogamous men See More

Don’t misinterpret lust as love See More

Listen to his words. Then watch his actions See More

Male Sexual Nature: The Full Explanation Will Bring Sex & Emotional Intimacy Together For Long-Lasting Passion

  • Truth Of Male Sexuality
  • Power Of The Visual
  • What Can Men Women And Society Do About Male Sexual Nature
  • Men Women Society Sexual Insatiability
  • When Is Pornography A Problem
  • When Does Pornography Cross The Line
  • Recognize A Wandering Man
  • Men Lead With Sex Women Lead With Connection
  • How Fast Do You Allow A Man The Gift Of Your Body
  • Why Should You Not Take Off Your Clothes Too Fast For Him
  • How Let A Man Know You're Interested
  • Can We Predict That He Will Not Have The Strength To Be There For Her
  • Nice Guy Bad Boy
  • Who Is The Good Guy