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Let’s Put Our Marriage Back Together

If a communication breakdown has occurred, quick fix-it tips for couples are not enough to resolve these patterns. Join Derek Hart to listen to his revolutionary training on the main reasons couples disconnect. The solution exists inside his easy-to-understand trainings. ...

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Bring Out the Man Within

Tell a woman you love her, even when you don't feel loving.Tell a woman she is beautiful. She may not have built in confidence and is likely more vulnerable in this arena than you think. Your appreciation of her has major impact.Men, you can look in the mirror...

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Summer Howard

Does Couples Counseling Work?

Divorce and parenting coach, Summer Howard, interviews Derek Hart, Couples Rebuilder, about the process of counseling couples for those on the brink of divorce. Find Summer Howard at and hear the original interview on Summer Howards' page here....

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I Want More Touch & I Don’t Know What To Do – Part 1 of 3

A relationship teaches us how to receive love, sometimes in spite of ourselves, even if we try to push it away. In understanding where our relationship patterns came from, we can analyze our childhoods, and talk about parents that were too intrusive, or too neglectful. But this analysis...

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I Want More Touch & I Don’t Know What To Do – Part 3 of 3

Compromising, bargaining, and debating isn't the answer of how to connect. Describing details isn't the answer. Being nice, loving, patient and tolerant isn't the answer. A relationship should not be a constant giving up of things to please your partner. Sacrificing what you want does not last long term. A couple...

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